Wing Commander™: Armada (1994)

About This Game

Wing Commander: Armada is a computer game set in the universe of Chris Roberts Wing Commander franchise. Created by Origin Systems and distributed by Electronic Arts in 1994, Armada was the first, official game of the Wing Commander series to feature multiplayer mode. This game was released shortly before Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger and features a new graphics engine, capable of rendering fully three dimensional ship models, which is more powerful than that used in Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi.

The life of a seasoned starfighter pilot isn’t all glory and adventure. After years of following orders and losing ships and friends, you are now the sole commander, responsible for heading up a momentous strike against your enemy’s homeland – either the Empire of Kilrath or the heart of the Confederation.

This war requires real strategy, not just hotshot piloting, and you have to determine where to fight, how to fight, and what ships will get the job done. In Wing Commander Armada, you have the freedom to build your own universe, your own missions, and your own campaign.


  • Includes the Proving Grounds add-on.
  • Never play the same game twice as you explore, fortify and mine hundreds of planets in randomly generated universes.
  • Choose from 3 levels at play – intense dogfight scenarios, strategic search and destroy battles, or extended campaigns to destroy an opposing homeworld.
  • Pit yourself against a friend, computer, or with a friend against the computer via Internet.
  • Live life on the edge as a topnotch Terran or Kilrathi pilot and fly up to 10 different ships!

Game Details

Genre Shooter – Action – Sci-fi
Works on Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)
Languages Audio and text: English
Released September 22, 1994
Size 26.4 MB
Company Origin Systems / Electronic Arts

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System Requirements

Minimum system requirements – Windows:

Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, 1.8 GHz Processor, 512MB RAM (1 GB recommended), 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 9.0c, 1GB HDD, Mouse, Keyboard.


Wing Commander™: Armada (1994)

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