Solo (2018)

About This Game

Solo is an introspective puzzler set on a gorgeous and surreal archipelago. Reflect on your loving relationships by exploring contemplative, dream-like islands.

Solo is a game about love. About love as fuel, the force that drives us.

It is a universal feeling, but each of us experiences it in a different way. Individually, it holds different meanings depending on a variety of factors such as culture, gender, sexuality or traumas. That’s why Solo will explore this theme in an introspective way, to have the players identify and reflect on their own experiences.

  • Reflect on love’s place in your life with a personal and introspective branching narrative.
  • Combine blocks with different properties offering multiple solutions for most puzzles.
  • Contemplate and explore a living world: take photos of the charming, colorful islands amidst tranquil tunes or play the guitar for cute creatures.

The world is divided into archipelagos, and each archipelago is formed by small islands. Each island represents a unique puzzle the sailor will have to solve before getting to the Sleeping Totems and awakening them to answer a question about love and relationships.

Using boxes, each with different properties and behaviors, the sailors can build their own paths to the Sleeping Totems on each island.

As love does, most puzzles have no unique solution.

Nature and contemplation are also a huge part of Solo: pull out your camera and capture the moment, play the guitar, feed the animals or just sit on a bench and think.

Solo was successfully funded on Fig by 543 backers who could both pledge and invest during the Fig campaign.

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Game Details

Company Team Gotham / Team Gotham
Genre Adventure – Puzzle – Narrative
Rating None
Released April 26, 2018
Size 473 MB
Works on Windows (7, 8, 10)


Audio Text

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements
Recommended system requirements
System Windows 7 / 8 / 10 System None
Processor Intel Core i3-2100 or AMD equivalent Processor None
Memory 4 GB RAM Memory None
Graphics NVIDIA GTX 650 Graphics None
DirectX Version 11 DirectX None
Storage 2 GB available space Storage None
Sound None Sound None
Other A controller is strongly recommended to play this game


Solo (2018)

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