Neverwinter Nights: Heroes of Neverwinter (2018)

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The story begins with the player character (PC), under the guidance of Lady Aribeth, being sent to recover four creatures (dryad, intellect devourer, yuan-ti, and cockatrice), known collectively as the Waterdhavian creatures. The Waterdhavian creatures are needed to make a cure for the Wailing Death, a plague that is sweeping the city of Neverwinter and forcing a quarantine.[14] With the help of Fenthick Moss, Aribeth’s love interest, and Desther, Fenthick’s friend, the main character is able to retrieve the creatures. As they collect the creatures, they are attacked by mysterious assassins from a cult that is behind the spreading of the plague.

As the cure is being made, Castle Neverwinter is attacked by the minions of Desther, who betrays the heroes. Desther takes the completed cure and escapes the castle, with the hero and Fenthick in pursuit. When they catch up to Desther, he surrenders after a short battle. Desther is sentenced to burn at the stake, and Fenthick, despite being unaware of Desther’s true intentions, is sentenced to hang. The protagonist meets up with Aribeth and Neverwinter’s spymaster, Aarin Gend, to begin searching for the cult responsible for the plague and the attack on Neverwinter. The main character retrieves the diaries of dead cultists and letters from a person named Maugrim, which convince Aribeth that the cult’s headquarters are in Luskan. Aribeth goes ahead to Luskan, and the hero follows after speaking once more to Gend.

Game Details

Company Beamdog / Beamdog
Genre Role-playing – Adventure – Fantasy
Rating None
Released March 27, 2018
Size 9 MB
Works on Windows (7, 8, 10), Linux (Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04), Mac OS X (10.11+)


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System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements
Recommended system requirements
System Windows 7, 8, or 10 System None
Processor 1 GHZ Processor None
Memory 1 GB RAM Memory None
Graphics OpenGL 3.0 compatible Graphics None
DirectX None DirectX None
Storage 10 MB available space Storage None
Sound None Sound None
Other None Other None


Neverwinter Nights: Heroes of Neverwinter (2018)

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