Lake Ridden OST (2018)

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This is the Lake Ridden soundtrack, composed between 2016-2018 by Swedish composer Patrik Jarlestam, in both FLAC and MP3.

The OST comprises 18 songs which are in the game, and 8 that either didn’t make it into the game (20, 23-26), are versions of what did end up in the game (21-22) and 19 is a standalone version of Sofia’s theme which is found throughout other tracks in the game. Track 17 Music for ghosts contains all the themes for the ghosts in the game, even though this track is only heard in snippets here and there, and the ghost’s themes are usually quoted in other tracks instead which are found throughout the game.

You might wonder why the tracks are named just after places in the game instead of having more evocative poetic names. Well, I felt that this was the right way to go, since that is how it was composed originally. The tracks’ names are modeled on the places they represent, but the music in itself, tells its own story, hidden melodically and thematically within the game.

Experience a Rich Story

Immerse yourself in a narrative where you’ll get to know Marie and other characters as you dive deeper into the mystery.


  1. The Forest
  2. The Lower Garden
  3. The Upper Garden (ambient)
  4. The Upper Garden
  5. The Estate (master+day)
  6. The Wharf
  7. The Courtyard (day)
  8. The Courtyard (night)
  9. The Island (first)
  10. The Island (second)
  11. The Root Cellar
  12. The Laundry
  13. The Laundry Jack
  14. The Dreamscape 1
  15. The Dreamscape 2
  16. The Dreamscape 3
  17. Music for Ghosts
  18. Main theme (Marie and Sofia)
  19. Bonus – Sofia Cello theme
  20. Bonus – Sofia Synth Theme
  21. Bonus – Dreamscape 1 (Original)
  22. Bonus – Dreamscape 2+3 (Original)
  23. Bonus – Estate (day – variation 1)
  24. Bonus – Estate (day – variation 2)
  25. Bonus – Estate (day – variation 3)
  26. Bonus – Estate (night)

Game Details

Genre Adventure – Puzzle – Mystery
Works on Windows (7, 8, 10)
Languages Audio and text: English
Released May 10, 2018
Size Unknown
Company Midnight Hub / Midnight Hub

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Lake Ridden OST (2018)

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