Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition (2011)

About This Game

Once again it is up to you, the nameless hero, to unite a torn land; Myrtana is not faring well.
The peace between men and orcs, already built on shaky foundations, is crumbling to pieces for good. Gorn, the new ruler of Gotha, is raising an army and is sending wave after wave against Trelis, where the orcs have gathered behind the banner of their leader Thorus.
The ruler of Rhobar frets on his throne, unsure if he should take sides in this conflict–and if so, for whom should he fight? Silden and Geldern are suffering under the skirmishes. The inhabitants are asking if Gorn has lost his mind and who can stop him now.
Not only that, but you’re not popular at the moment, as the promised peace of a thousand years has been exposed as a deceptive dream. Regain the trust of the settlements and their leaders, discover why the wars are brewing, and unite the quarreling empire once and for all!.
Enhanced Edition community patch for Gothic 3


  • Open game world: Explore the heart of Myrtana without any interruptions or artificial borders!
  • Free character development that allows you to develop your own unique class. Want to be a sword-swinging spell-weaving archer? No problem!.
  • Immense story with many twists and turns that will keep you hooked for many hours.

Game Details

Genre Role-playing – Adventure – Fantasy
Works on Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)
Languages Audio and text: Deutsch, English. Text only: español, français, italiano, polski
Released March 22, 2011
Size 2.7 GB
Company Trine Games & G3 Community Patch Team / Piranha Bytes


Minimum system requirements – Windows:

Windows XP/Vista/7, 3.0 GHz Processor, 2GB RAM , NVidia or ATI/AMD 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 9.0c and 256MB, Mouse, Keyboard.


Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition (2011)

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