Field of Glory II: Legions Triumphant (2018)

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Legions Triumphant expands Field of Glory II forwards five centuries from the first Emperor, Augustus, until 476 AD when the last Emperor of the Western Roman Empire, Romulus Augustulus, was deposed by his barbarian troops.

You can be part of the final conquests of the Roman Empire in Britain, Germany and Dacia, and then the Pax Romana when the legions on the frontier mostly kept at bay the barbarians to the north and first the Parthians, then the Sassanid Persians, in the east. You can also witness the final disintegration of Western Roman power under pressure from the Germans and Goths (themselves attempting to outdistance the rising power of the Huns), and the desperate attempts of 5th century leaders to hold at bay the barbarian tide, using armies at least partly consisting of barbarian troops.

Legions Triumphant follows the development of the Roman Imperial Army through its heyday, its late 3rd century AD reorganisation to deal with new threats, and subsequent decline. It also follows the rise of its various enemies, the Germans and Goths, the Sassanid Persians and the dreaded Huns.


The grenadiers left the convent at dawn, preparing their formations behind the convent. San Martín returned to the tower to watch the enemy who disembarked at sunrise, 5:30 in the morning. He mounted his horse, gave a short harangue to the troops, and headed to battle. His strategy was to divide his cavalry forces into two columns, of nearly sixty horsemen each, and make a surprise pincer movement to trap the enemy forces. The cavalry would not use their guns, relying instead on sabre and spear attacks. The right-hand column was headed by Justo German Bermúdez, and the left-hand one by San Martín. The royalists marched in two columns with the two cannons, a deployed flag and military drummers. The clarion of the regiment of mounted grenadiers sounded for the first time, marking the beginning of the battle.

Game Details

Genre Strategy – Turn-based – Historical
Languages English
Size 6 MB
Company Byzantine Games / Slitherine Ltd.
Released March 8, 2018

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements
Recommended system requirements
System Windows 7 / 8 / 10 System
Processor 2.0GHz or higher Processor
Memory 4 GB RAM Memory
Graphics 1 GB DirectX 9 Compatible Graphics Card Graphics
DirectX Version 9.0c DirectX
Storage 5 MB available space Storage
Sound DirectX compatible sound card Sound
Other Other


Field of Glory II: Legions Triumphant (2018)

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