Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning™ (2018)

Baldi (also known as Professor Baldi) is the titular main antagonist in Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning. Baldi is the teacher of Here School, giving the Player math problems to solve in the notebooks to collect them. After the player answers the math problems correctly (or incorrectly), the notebook disappears, storing it into the counter from how many notebooks the player obtained, seen on the top left on the heads-up display. He also owns a bus, originally owned by Joe.

About This Game

Baldi is a poorly CGI (computer-generated imagery) modeled humanoid figure with long, skinny fingers, a pale body, large red lips and is bald except for what seems to be a singular hair on his head. He also has a long-sleeved green shirt, blue pants, and light brown shoes.

Even though he has no visible ears, the description mentions that Baldi still has an excellent sense of hearing.

Strangely enough, Baldi’s facial expression while chasing the player, while heavily compressed and distorted, is incredibly neutral and not one of anger.

In Baldi’s Basics – Field Trip, he wears a yellow camping hat and brown backpack as his outfit.


  • Many people think Baldi says “You failed all seven notebooks!” even though Mystman12 himself confirmed it is “found” and not “failed“.
  • When Baldi gets angry at the player in Baldi’s Basics – Field Trip, the brim of his hiking cap is strangely absent, possibly due to the smaller size of his sprite.
  • When Baldi frowns when the player gets the question wrong for the first time before starting his chase, his lips seems to slightly break.
  • If the player goes to any corner in the school, Baldi can’t catch them, but they are stuck in place, making the player’s only option to walk into him and cause the game to end.
  • If the player gets the first answer wrong, and the other two correctly (This can work with the second and third problem too) on the first notebook, Baldi would go at his max speed. It’s not lethal, as he still cannot open yellow doors until the Player has gotten two notebooks. Once they do, his speed will go to normal.
  • His head seems to be obstructed in the Endless Mode screen.
  • When the player leaves the school, Baldi says ‘Let’s go camping!’, but when getting back inside the school and exit again, Baldi says the same phrase. It happens every time.

Game Details

Genre Action & adventure, Classics, Platformer, Role playing
Works on Windows 8
Windows 10
Languages English
Released 31 March 2018 (USA)
Size 50 MB