Creatures: The Albian Years (2004)


About This Game

Discover a large, living landscape – the surface a world called Albia.

You exist in this world only as a virtual presence, a sort of remote-control existence, which the computer portrays as a hand-shaped mouse cursor.

In this world are a range of locations and strange creatures, related loosely (and with considerable poetic license) to Northern myth.

You begin near to the long-abandoned home of a family of Norns (small furry creatures), where a few eggs, languishing in a broken-down incubator, are almost all that remains of the Nornir race.

The first game in this twin pack introduces you to the world of artificial life technology and the Norns of Albia. Than you can discover the all-new Norns, Ettins and Grendels.
Explore the Shee Laboratories and discover the all-new Norns inhabiting a vibrant, living eco-system – find the Genetic Splicer and defend your Norns against the vicious and disease-ridden Grendels.


Originally conceived as a desktop pet with a brain, Grand later incorporated inspiration from The Planiverse to pitch a “little computer ewoks” game, like the game Little Computer People.

Grand wanted players to have a rapport with their creatures, feeling that he should make the creatures seem “genuinely alive” to the player, showing “the ‘right’ kind of behaviour’ in a variety of circumstances



  • Creatures: The Albian Years is a compilation of Creatures 1 with both Life Kits, Creatures 2 with its Life Kit and 6 Official Object Packs
  • Unique gameplay centered around breeding and raising autonomous, computer-controlled Norns
  • A complex AI system that mimics real behaviors

    Game Details

    Genre Simulation – Educational – Virtual life
    Languages English
    Size 92 MB
    Company Creature Labs / Merge Games
    Released July 16, 2004

    System Requirements

    Minimum System Requirements
    Recommended system requirements
    System Windows XP / Vista / 7 System
    Processor 1 GHz Processor
    Memory 256 MB RAM Memory
    Graphics 3D graphics card Graphics
    DirectX DirectX 7 DirectX DirectX 9 recommended
    Storage Storage
    Sound Sound
    Other Other


Creatures: The Albian Years (2004)

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