Creatures Exodus (2004)


About This Game

This is no ordinary game. By playing Creatures, you will be taking part in one of the largest Artificial Life experiments ever.

Raise and train a troupe of cuddly virtual life creatures that live on the Capillata space ship and help them reach the level of advancement sufficient to fly it.

This task is not easy, Norns are eager to learn but because they own individual personalities they may not always do what you want them to (or even what you expect!).

Like a good parent you must be patient, teach them new things using many tools available and raise them the best you can so that after some time you could be proud of how much they have managed to achieve.


Originally conceived as a desktop pet with a brain, Grand later incorporated inspiration from The Planiverse to pitch a “little computer netwoks” game, like the game Little Computer People.

Grand wanted players to have a rapport with their creatures, feeling that he should make the creatures seem “genuinely alive” to the player, showing “the ‘right’ kind of behaviour’ in a variety of circumstances

To create this kind of behaviour, Grand felt it was necessary to program the creatures by simulating the building blocks of nature in a bottom-up approach, allowing the complex behaviour to emerge, rather than using a rule-based system approach.


    • Creatures Exodus is a recompilation of Creatures 3 and Docking Station
    • Unique gameplay consisting of breeding and raising autonomous, computer-controlled Norns
    • A complex AI system that mimics real behaviors
    • Almost limitless education and genetic manipulation possibilities

Game Details

Genre Simulation – Educational – Virtual life
Languages English
Size 174 MB
Company Creature Labs / Merge Games
Released September 15, 2004

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements
Recommended system requirements
System Windows XP / Vista / 7 System
Processor 1 GHz Processor
Memory 256 MB RAM Memory
Graphics 3D graphics card Graphics
DirectX DirectX 7 DirectX DirectX 9 recommended
Storage Storage
Sound Sound
Other Other


Creatures Exodus (2004)

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